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Here at California Steve Web Design we can build you a website using the Drupal CMS platform. Drupal is built morefor the programmer who has a good knowledge of php, css and html. Though a CMS it has a little different learning curve for most users.

The standard release of Drupal, known as Drupal core, contains basic features common to content-management systems. These include user account registration and maintenance, menu management, RSS feeds, taxonomy, page layout customization, and system administration. The Drupal core installation can serve as a simple Web site, a single- or multi-user blog, an Internet forum, or a community Web site providing for user-generated content.

"The Drupal Overview", a feature of the project web site, describes it as a content management framework. Drupal also describes itself as a Web application framework, as it meets the generally accepted feature requirements for such frameworks.

Drupal "base" theme is used as the basis for a "subtheme". Usually, the base theme handles the essential functionality. The subtheme handles the bits that make the site unique, such as the color choices, fonts, and graphics. You can use the same base theme to make thousands of separate, unique subthemes.

Drupal module is a collection of files containing some functionality and is written in PHP. Because the module code executes within the context of the site, it can use all the functions and access all variables and structures of Drupal core.

When building a website it is important to define the audience that you are going to present to. Are you selling a product with an online shopping cart? Maybe you are just giving out information. Is it a blog style website with comments from your audience? These are the questions you need to ask before designing your website.
Design is an important factor for any website. What colors? Do you want a blog style, content, graphics, picture gallery, etc.? Knowing these few things before sitting down with your web design team will help the process be completed in a timely matter and come out like you invisioned.
Producing content is important. having your companies description, purpose and all other text ahead of time will make your experience fly by with your design team.

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California Steve Web Design was founded in 2000 by Steve Scranton. Having taken to website design naturally Steve is a self taught designer versed in many languages. Based out of the Albuquerque, NM area with projects all over the US they can design a website that fits your needs.

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Steve was fast to respond to our updates and design needs.
Max Key, CEO, Maximum Services LLC, Houston, TX

California Steve Web Design helped us get our web presence and come up with a simple design for our Skeet classes.
Al Scooler, Skeet by Scooler, San Antonio, TX

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